If 75-year-old Jane Fonda can lead this funk dance workout, most of us should be able to follow her moves! 

When itâ??s cold outside and the gym holds little appeal, free online workouts give us little excuse not to exercise. All thatâ??s required is a computer and Internet connection, to follow workout classes from the comfort of your home. 

I recently discovered Jane Fondaâ??s Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout, a low-impact and easy-to-follow dance routine thatâ??s so much fun! In fact, if youâ??re one of those people who donâ??t like exercising, I dare you to try this and tell me that you still feel the same about working out!

Only 12 minutes – no sweat! 

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This 12-minute routine combines funk, disco and some awesome movie-inspired dance moves to gently elevate the heart rate. Itâ??s a great workout if you havenâ??t exercised in a while, need a quick workout that wonâ??t make you sweat too much, or have joint problems. 

Before you start… 

Although this is a low-impact workout, if you have any medical conditions, you should speak to your doctor before starting a new exercise program. If you feel any unusual discomfort while following the video, stop and talk to the doctor about it. 

What you need

  • A computer/laptop and an Internet connection 

  • Workout floor space 

  • Comfortable workout clothes and supportive trainers

  • Water 

Quick tip: If you have a slow Internet connection, press â??playâ?? and then â??pauseâ?? the video to allow it to load before you start the workout. 

Please note: This workout is a segment from Jane’s ‘Firm and Burn’ Fitness DVD. If you want to follow it for free, you need to follow it online. Should you wish to purchase the workout, you can buy the complete Firm & Burn Series on DVD from Amazon by clicking here or download the full Firm & Burn Series digitally from iTunes by clicking here

So if youâ??re sitting around with nothing to do, get up and get your funk on! 

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