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Lalla Hirayama has apologised for a TikTok video she shared on Tuesday that showed her imitating a Coloured woman

The video-sharing app allows users to create short comedy skits, dance and talent clips while lip-syncing to popular phrases and conversations. 

Lalla’s skit saw her impersonating two Coloured women discussing their hair. She then stars ‘singing’ MC Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit.  

She shared the TikTok video on her Instagram page. 

Some social media users labelled the video “offensive” and “racist”

“So when @Lalla_Hirayama runs out of ideas, she decides to make Coloured women the butt end of her pathetic jokes,” one Twitter user wrote.

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Another user said that the TV presenter was being a hypocrite.

“A week ago or so @Lalla_Hirayama was crying about how badly Asians are being treated during Corona and then five minutes later she’s spewing this?? Make it make sense. South African celebs and influencers are truly the gutter.” 

It seems that many Twitter and Instagram users did not understand how TikTok works.

Scores of users around the world impersonate famous celebrities and people who have gone viral on the internet.

Lalla shared a lengthy apology on her Twitter page explaining that she meant no harm with her video.

“TikTok is a new platform that many of us are learning how to apply ourselves to. It is satirical in nature,” she said. 

The 32-year-old added that she understands that the timing of her video was also not great.

“I published it during a time when we each face new and unfamiliar pressures. Moreover, I was not sensitive to the climate in SA as we prepare to enter the 4th week of isolation together,” she wrote.

Lalla promised to learn from the experience

“My efforts were intended only to be entertaining. To share some uniquely South African ‘thing’ we celebrate as part of what makes us so good at overcoming adversity when the chips are low. I am sorry to know that it angered people.” 

Lalla has shared other TikTok videos of herself on Instagram, which her followers found entertaining.

Her fans told her they appreciated the humour behind her post. 

“We have become a serious society that always seeks self-pity, we have lost humour and appreciation of satire. Human beings are tiring, there was no offence in that video,” one woman wrote. 



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