Are you pounding the treadmill without seeing results? It may be time you give circuit training a try!

Designed to burn calories and tone muscles, circuit training was developed in England by Professors R.E. Morgan and G.T. Anderson back in 1953. The goal was to combine resistance training and vigorous aerobic exercise.

Today circuit training is a popular gym programme because itâ??s a fast, efficient way to get a full-body workout and see the results! Continue reading to find out how circuit training could be of benefit to you… 

Save time with this fast workout

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Circuit training sessions rarely last more than 30 minutes – no wonder that itâ??s a great exercise option for busy women!

Working out doesnâ??t have to mean spending two hours in the gym five times a week. Instead you could get great results with a 30-minute circuit training workout three days a week- something even busy women can squeeze into their schedules!

If youâ??re trying to balance your career and family life, and canâ??t afford to spend hours in the gym, circuit training is a fast way to get the toned physique you dream of.

Get two workouts in one

Each circuit training workout includes total body aerobic exercises, like walking or running on a treadmill, and strengthening exercising focusing on toning the muscles of the upper body, the core and the lower body. 

During a session, you would complete several muscle building repetitions with hydraulic weight equipment. In between each toning set, youâ??ll alleviate your heart rate with aerobic exercises like stair climbing or jumping jacks.

Circuit training ensures that you get two great workouts in one! While it will help you tone muscles, according the American College of Sports Medicine circuit training meets the qualifications to be considered a cardio workout too.

This workout really works! 

A quick 30-minute workout burns a whopping 200 calories! And it doesn’t stop there! The body will continue to burn calories at an alleviated rate for a few hours after the workout.

Women who stick with a circuit training programme and a healthy diet report a notable weight loss and lose centimetres.

Get strong while socialising

Circuit training is not only a great workout – itâ??s also a great way to make new friends!

Due to the number of participants being limited by the number of circuit training stations, and since most people stick to schedule, working out at the same time and day, friendships often form between participants.  

So if youâ??re looking for a way to get into shape in limited space of time, give circuit training a go! 

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