Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or simply maintain your current weight, the holiday season can present a particular challenge. With all the tempting and fattening foods being passed around, it can prove a challenge to stick to your eating plan and keep eating healthily during the holiday season.
These 10 simple tips will help you to stick to your eating plan during the holiday party season.
1.  Focus on the people, not the food
Remember that holiday parties and social functions are meant to be times to get together with loved ones. Get into the spirit of the holiday season by celebrating your personal relationships, and recognize that you’re not just there for the food.
2.  Make the occasional party treat the exception to your eating plan
Splurging once in a while is not generally a major problem, as long as you get back to your healthy eating plan the next day.
3.  Consider hosting the party yourself
This way you can ensure that there will be low-calorie, healthy choices on the menu. If someone else is hosting the party, offer a food contribution so that at least there will be one dish that you can enjoy.
4.  Do not arrive at a holiday party on an empty stomach
Have a small green salad or some fruit before leaving for the party â?? and half an hour before you plan to start eating, drink two big glasses of plain water.
5.  Choose wisely from foods available at holiday functions
Concentrate on the fresh fruit, salads, crudités or vegetable platters. Avoid any sauces and dips â?? rather drizzle your salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A few plain raw mixed nuts, particularly almonds, are a good source of protein.
6.  Eat slowly and mindfully
It takes our body about 20 minutes to realize that our stomach is full â?? and the slower you eat, the less food you’ll consume. As you eat, appreciate the food and acknowledge how it tastes â?? mindful eating is a way to slow down your general food intake.
7.  Drink responsibly
If youâ??re going to consume alcohol, drink copious amounts of plain water at the same time. Dilute your wine with ice or water, and, if youâ??re drinking spirits, be wary of mixers, especially carbonated soft drinks.
8.  Stay active during the holidays
Mingle, dance and do what you can to stay as far away from the buffet table as possible. Keep your metabolism up by participating in lots of healthy exercise during the holiday season.
Simply taking a 30-minute walk each day will help to keep the weight off. Find those 30 minutes somewhere during the day, even if it means minimising your time on social networking.
9.  Deal responsibly with your leftovers
None of us like to waste food, but don’t assume you have to eat a lot of calorie-laden food for days after a special event just because the food needs to be eaten up. Most foods freeze well â?? so put leftovers in the freezer â?? or invite friends or family round for a leftovers meal.Your compost bin will also benefit from leftover leftovers (but no animal flesh!).
10.  Reward yourself

It’s the holiday season, so general deprivation is not the way to go. Simply shift rewards from food to activities, like going to the movies or the theatre, visiting friends, or buying yourself something special. By moving the focus off food and onto doing fun things, you’ll continue to enjoy the spirit of the season and stick with your healthy eating plan.
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