Do you feel that your butt and thighs are too big in relation to your upper body? Do you dislike formal exercise, gym memberships, and diet programmes but still want to have a smaller butt and thighs?
Consider the following steps that will help you to exercise more without participating in formal exercise or any strict dieting plan.
1.  Take the stairs
Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator whenever possible â?? whether in a hotel, office building, or out shopping. This is a fabulous exercise for working those butt and thigh muscles.
2.  Walk fast to shrink your butt and thighs
Walk fast with small brisk steps instead of dawdling along. This is a great exercise for butt and thighs, allows your body to burn more calories, and promotes good cardio function.
3.  Park away from your building
Always try to park as far away as you can from the building you need to enter. This burns more calories since youâ??re walking a greater distance than you normally would.
4.  Ride your bike to help shrink butt and thighs
Try to ride your bike as often as youâ??re able instead of taking the car. This would obviously depend on your destination, the weather, and safety concerns.
5.  Use a push mower
Use a push lawnmower instead of an electric or petrol-driven lawnmower. If the size of your lawn is too daunting, divide your lawn into sections and mow each section on different days.
6.  Use a rake, a broom and a dustpan to help shrink your butt and thighs
Use a rake and a broom instead of a leaf blower to remove unwanted leaves or grass trimmings from your garden or patio. Then get down there with your dustpan to pick up the leaves and trimmings for your compost box â?? this is an excellent opportunity to practise your squats.
7.  Learn ways to exercise your butt and thighs while sitting or standing
Learn ways to exercise your butt and thighs even when doing normal sit-down activities such as watching television and working on your computer. When convenient, stand instead of sit to enable you to contract and release your buttock muscles. Do the same when at home talking on the phone, playing a musical instrument, or when you are waiting in a queue.

Although some of the above steps involve exercising your upper body, they would still have an influence in your overall fitness and fat levels.
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