Your Netflix and tweet night-time routine could have you looking a little worse for wear at your next video meeting

Fear not; we have the perfect home remedies for puffy, tired eyes that will have you looking great until your next nap time.

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A warm cloth for the redness

Rolling out of bed 10 minutes before a meeting in bed is a reality now. No one has to know you’re wearing your unicorn pyjama pants with your smart blouse, but showing up with red puffy eyes may give the wrong impression.

Staring at a cell phone or computer screen for hours can wear your eyes out, making them red and puffy, especially if your screen time has eaten into your bedtime.

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A warm compress can help relax and soothe your eyes, reducing redness caused by strain.

Teabags for the eye bags

A caffeine kick is in order! Not only to get you up and running but also to help your eyes keep up. Cooled black teabags over your eyes for a few minutes can give the skin around your eyes a revitalising boost.

Long nights, disturbed sleep and stress can contribute to dark rings and fleshy bags around your eyes. Use cooled black teabags on your eyes every morning as part of your self-care routine to help reduce the dark bags under your eyes.

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A cold compress for swollen eyes

Whether you’ve been rubbing your eyes to stay awake, or crying yourself to sleep after watching Titanic again, waking up to swollen eyes is not pleasant, even during the lockdown.

Like with swelling on any other part of your body, a cold compress is a great solution. Use a cool, damp facecloth and place it over your eyes for a few minutes to help get the swelling down.

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What to do in the long run

Being home all day has definitely disturbed many people’s sleep patterns. Add more screen time to less sleep and you’ve got a recipe for tired eyes.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent red and puffy eyes.

  • Use an extra pillow to elevate your head and prevent fluid build-up around your eyes.
  • Drinking more water is great for your skin. It also prevents water retention, which can cause puffy eyes.
  • Take it easy on the salt. Salt can contribute to water and fluid retention in your body including around your eyes.
  • You might have allergies. A change in season, dust, pet fur and even the soap you use could be triggering your allergies making your eyes swollen, puffy or watery. Getting your allergies under control is a step in the right direction.

Swollen, puffy, red or watery eyes can be signs of an underlying medical condition. If your eyes are sore and photosensitive, it might be time to see a doctor.