TV personality and wellness expert Lisa Raleigh offers some great outdoor exercise options for those of us who see going to the gym as a chore.
If exercise is a chore for you, and often the reason you put it off, you need to look for active and interesting hobbies that are also going to keep you fit.
Our gorgeous climate means more opportunities for outdoor activities, so seize the day, round up friends, pets or children and transform fitness into outdoor fun.

Take a hike

Hiking outdoors towards a planned destination is a great group activity for friends. Choose a scenic route, pack a picnic basket and aim for a specific, marked out destination, like a lagoon or waterfall. This will give you incentive to move, without you even realizing you are exercising.

Step up your girl-time

Instead of a sit-down lunch, meet your friends in the park and enjoy a brisk walk while you talk. You will be burning calories while you catch up, and absorbing some quality time in the sun.

Hit the beach

No matter what the exercise, a beach setting is bound to make it more exciting. We are blessed with activity-filled beachfronts, so cycle, skate, run or walk along local shores. Up the ante and run on the sand â?? the unstable surface makes it far more challenging than grass or tar, so will burn more calories.

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Get fit in the garden

A few key pieces of equipment transform your home into a hive of activity. Gardens or outdoor entertainment areas make wonderful sports grounds, so invest in a stand-alone trampoline, volleyball/badminton net, or basketball hoop. You will be encouraging more outdoor activity, whilst merging fitness with precious family.

Train in the park

The kiddiesâ?? jungle gym is exercise equipment in disguise. Practise standing push-ups against a low beam of the jungle gym, and try some leg lifts while hanging from the monkey bars, equivalent to a sit-up. Head over to the nearest park bench for some tricep dips and squats, and for your cool down â?? hit the swings!

Take the scenic route

So often, we choose convenience over activity. Park further from the shopping entrance, enjoy a brisk walk in the fresh air and skip indoor parking fees. Instead of lunch at the work canteen, walk to the nearest supermarket for a fresh meal.

Make it a date

If you struggle with motivation, sign yourself and your friends up for charity walks and fun runs. Not only are you getting a guaranteed workout and feeling encouraged to exercise in preparation, but youâ??ll enjoy a social experience with your friends whilst supporting a good cause.
*Remember to consider your safety when exercising outdoors. Wear light, bright colours so you donâ??t blend into your background, always let someone know when youâ??re heading out, and consider joining a running group or bringing your pet along on the trip.

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