As an actress and beauty entrepreneur, Jessica Alba knows a thing or two about skincare

So, when the star discussed her everyday regime in a video for British Vogue’s YouTube channel, we stopped and took notes. Read on for details.

Try double cleansing

Jessica uses two different cleansers to ensure every last scrap of make-up is removed from her face at night.

“I like to do a two-step cleanse when I have a full face. The first cleanser is a gel-to-milk, and what’s nice is that it sort of breaks down all of the make-up,” she said. “Even though I’m cleansed, I just like that ‘squeaky’ skin feeling. So, I get a gel cleanser.”

Contour the face

After applying a vitamin C serum or facial oil, the mother-of-three will take her Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System device and run it all over her complexion.

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“It lifts your face,” Jessica insisted. “I’ll do this at night or in the morning when I want to have tighter skin. If I feel like I’m retaining a lot of fluid, too much salt, too much booze, not sleeping enough.”

Find the right kind of moisturiser

As Jessica has a combination skin type, she often finds regular lotions are a little too heavy. Instead, she is a fan of The Honest Company’s Hydrogel Cream, which is made with two kinds of hyaluronic acid.

“If you are more of a dry person, you basically don’t rub it in – kind of leave this sort of film on your face,” the brunette beauty advised.

Do some facial massage

To complete her routine, Jessica takes the Nurse Jamie Instant Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller and rolls it across her cheeks, chin, and neck.

“I feel like it gives you those cheekbones and gets rid of that double chin that you don’t want! It gets all that blood circulating!” she smiled.

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