Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:21 pm

Sophie Lichaba is sick and tired of people speculating about her health

The actress has once again been the target of cyberbullies making disgusting comments about her appearance, 

While many social media users were praising the Lockdown actress for her Oscar worthy performance in the TV drama’s latest episode, some were more preoccupied with how she looked.

One Twitter user went as far as accusing Sophie of lying about her health

The 48-year-old has been very open about how her diabetes has affected her life.

She revealed in October 2018 that she started her weight-loss journey because she was obese and it affected her health.

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“Living with diabetes doesn’t mean my life must stop. It means I will fight to live and encourage those who already are suffering from this disease,” she said at the time.

But some social media users still believe that her drastic weight loss is the result of cancer or HIV. 

Here’s a look at  the Lockdown scene that had viewers talking.

One Twitter user claimed that diabetes does not cause people to look the way Sophie does.

Sophie’s fans came to her defence, telling the hater – who has since deleted her comment – that the actress did not choose to have the disease.

“She says that as if sophy had a choice or could’ve done something different and not lose weight,” the fan wrote.

Sophie added: “God help her and her stupidity. She doesn’t know life.”

Sophie was not done with her clap backs

She told her haters that she will do whatever suits her. The star also hit back at those accusing her of battling cancer.

“You talk of cancer. Have you seen ALL cancer patients??? Were you one? Really? have you seen my journey do you know it. Did you see my mother [before] she died?” Sophie wrote.

Some Twitter users wondered if Sophie used the hate that has been thrown her way over the years to prepare for the emotional scene.

“I haven’t watched the show. However, in this very scene, one would swear she’s responding to the judgement she has been receiving on social media. In fact as an actor/actress, one has to consider previous emotions to master such a performances… #Deep scene,” one man wrote.

Regardless of where Sophie drew inspiration from, everyone agreed that her performance was worthy of an award

“… she’s one of the strongest human beings I’ve ever came across, like being able to be on TV after what she went through, she deserves an Oscar… you can see the pain in her eyes. But she’s a winner.”