Tracee Ellis Ross has divulged her favourite “old school” trick for helping to heal dry hands

As the coronavirus crisis continues to sweep the world, the vast majority of us are spending a lot more time on handwashing, with World Health Organization (WHO) officials recommending people properly cleanse with soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly over the course of the day.

However, Tracee has found that so much handwashing has led to her hands becoming dry, so has been covering them in a salve called Vermont’s Original Bag Balm before popping a pair of Nike tube socks over them for at least 10 minutes each evening.

“I wanted to ask how your hands are doing because we’ve all been told to wash our hands and to practice really good hand health… as many times as you think to wash your hands, do it more than that! That’s what we’ve been told and that’s what I’ve been doing, and what most of us have been doing,” she told her followers in an Instagram video.

“What I used to do, and what I’ve resorted to again, is covering my hands in Bag Balm, and I’ve been putting the white socks on my hands. C’mon… old high school tricks, come back to help us! A nice clean pair of socks, lather your hands (with) Bag Balm, I like to do it at the end of the night… it’s a little loving, gentle version of self-care to replenish the moisture in your hands.”

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While Tracee is using Bag Balm on her hands at the moment, she is also a fan of the multipurpose Egyptian Magic Skin Cream, which is made with olive oil, honey, and beeswax, and used to use Vaseline as a teenager

“I’ve always had dry skin – I mean, a lot of us have dry skin – and I remember when I was in high school, I would use Vaseline,” the 47-year-old added.

“I would cover my hands in Vaseline and sometimes when I felt like my legs were really dry, I would take a shower and cover my body in (it) and put on some sweatpants.”


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Nothing like an old school remedy!

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