Want great glutes? Follow these instructions to get buns of steel and finally have a good looking butt!
1.  Stand naked in front of a full length mirror in private to assess your present situation. Determine if you need to lose or gain weight in your posterior area? Either way, you want to tone your butt.
2.  Improve your diet. Adopt a healthier eating plan. Concentrate on fresh (preferably raw) fruit, vegetables, sprouts, pulses, and nuts, together with whole grains and a little bit of good quality meat and dairy.  Be very moderate about fast food and processed foods containing chemical additives. Cut down on caffeine and salt, and cut out all carbonated drinks and sugary foods as these cause the dreaded cellulite effect.

These changes will enhance your health and general wellbeing.

3.  Try a variety of exercise such as swimming, dancing, walking, or aerobics. You can find many more ideas on the Internet and/or in fitness books, or you could ask a trainer at your local gym.
4.  Make sure when you exercise that you space out your workouts. Try to build up to doing your routine every other day. Exercising toughens up muscle tissue to make it able to withstand stress. Give yourself time between workouts for your muscles to adjust.
5.  One of the best workouts, (J-Lo proven), for working buttocks is this leg-lifting exercise. In a standing position, lift your leg up â?? keeping it bent â?? like a dog cocking its leg. Lift till your thigh is nearly horizontal. Hold this for five seconds, and then repeat on the other side. Start at five times on each side â?? later increase to ten.
6.  Climbing the stairs is a great backside workout. Skip up stairs by twos, then march quickly down without using too much energy. Then repeat the stair-skipping until you’re tired out. Remember that the ache means you’ve worked your muscles to fatigue, which in time will make them stronger. Be safe and use the handrail if necessary.
7.  Walk. Buy a pedometer and listen to music while you walk. Brisk walking will greatly contribute to toning your butt. Start with 1km and try to increase the distance a little each day.
8.  Go cycling. Grab a bike and get pedalling. And don’t forget to try uphill to really tone that behind.
9.  Try squats. Stand straight, don’t arch your back. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep your knees over your toes, and stretch your arms out for balance.
10.  Do butt squeezes. You can do them any time of the day â?? whether in class or sitting at the computer. It’s best to continue a set until your butt muscles start to ache. Simply contract your glute muscles, hold the squeeze for as long as possible (aim for 30 seconds or more), then release and repeat as often as you’d like.
11.  Running is one of the best of all workouts to tone and firm a butt and keep it looking its best… and as mentioned before, going uphill works wonders.
12.   Drink lots of water to cleanse your system â?? try for eight glasses a day.

  • Be careful not to work too hard. No pain, no gain is not always true â?? start slow and stop if pain gets bad and breathing difficult.

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  • Sometimes changes take a little time. Don’t give up! Keep yourself inspired by thinking about how great you’ll look and feel once you’ve reached your goal â?? and it’s very possible, just be consistent.

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