Office workers, especially those who use computers a lot, spend most of the day sitting down and staring at a screen. It is very easy to gain weight under these circumstances. Here are some steps you can take to avoid gaining weight while working a desk job, and perhaps lose any weight you might have already gained:
Drink responsibly

Stay away from carbonated drinks. They’re packed either with sugar or harmful artificial sweeteners, and all contain a bunch of other chemicals – many of which have adverse health reactions. If you still need a caffeine fix, consider a couple of cups of good quality coffee or tea daily.
Drink lots of water
Water is good for you, and will distract you from carbonated drinks, coffee or alcohol. Aim for eight glasses of plain, filtered water a day, and keep a water bottle on your desk. Glass bottles are healthier and more environmentally friendly than plastic ones.
Stay away from sugar
Sugar satisfies hunger only in the short term, and can increase health risks for diseases such as diabetes and obesity. However â?? to keep your spirits up â?? indulge in a small daily block (10g) of good quality +70%-cocoa dark chocolate. This will do you more good than harm!
Exercise on your chair
There are many online sites that offer ideas for chair exercises, and you might even consider a small set of weights. Your mother might have told you not to fidget, but moving around, even a little, can help burn calories and keep the blood circulating.
Use loading/programming time to keep fit
Exercise while waiting for things on the computer to load. Get up and walk over to the other side of the office and back again or do some stretches. Standing at your computer while programming is healthier than sitting, whilst exercise balls work well for your abs and balance.
Take the stairs instead of the lift to reach your office
At the base of the stairs, put your toes at the edge of the bottom step, lower your heels to the ground and then stretch up on the the balls of your feet. Do this five times to give the calves a thorough workout before taking the stairs.
Take walks during tea and lunchtime breaks
Take breaks every hour or so – stand up, stretch, move around, but don’t leave your office more often than what is permissible. Use tea and lunch breaks for walking around your building or the block. If the weather is bad, work out at the stairwell.
Work out outside of the office
Bike or walk to work or to the bus stop or train station. Even a fifteen-minute walk each day is better than nothing. If this is not possible opt for the gym or join a walking group.
Bring your lunch from home
Avoid eating out at lunch time. You can eat better and cheaper if you bring your own lunch from home, instead of visiting the vending machine or the fast-food outlet. Snacks such as baby carrots, feta cheese, avocado, sprouts, corn-on-the-cob, tomato, celery sticks, or fresh fruit, etc., are all good for office lunches.
If, however, you do need to eat in a restaurant or cafeteria, choose unprocessed food and smaller portions.
Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise programme.

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