Marc Bucker’s quest for love took an unexpected turn on the latest episode of The Bachelor SA when he said goodbye to one of his front runners

Pilates instructor Pasha dos Santos was sent home during an emotional rose ceremony. 

The Cape Town beauty was the first woman to receive Marc’s Wild Rose when season two started, which meant that she could steal a date. 

Some of the contestants were not big fans of Pasha, who seemed to be getting a lot of Marc’s attention.

The 27-year-old locked horns with some of the women and they did not waste time telling Marc how they felt about her in past episodes. 

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Pasha had a heated exchange with Bridget in one of her final showdowns on the show

Bridget labelled Pasha “angry and aggressive” during an argument about Marisa’s Wild Rose. 

The contestants learned that Jess R had asked Marisa not to use the rose, which irked Pasha and fan favourite Qiniso van Damme. 

“I actually can’t deal. The fakeness here and the desperado is wow,” Qiniso said. 

Pasha couldn’t help but roll her eyes as the drama unfolded, leading Bridget to add her two cents on the matter. 

The argument ended with Pasha storming off. A teary-eyed Marisa also left the table.


Marisia did use her rose in the end.

Adding to Pasha’s woes in the house was the fact that Marc seemed to be losing interest in their connection.

She noted that he was cold towards her during their chat at the Cocktail Party.

Much to some of the women’s delight. Pasha was given the boot.


Pasha had no hard feelings and said that she had learned a lot from the experience. She also shared which of the remaining women she would like to get Marc’s final rose.

“It’s okay that it’s come to this. I really appreciate the journey… I’ve grown a lot. I’m really, truly grateful. Out of the ladies who are left, I might pair Marc up with Jess.R or Marisia, just because they both don’t like conflict, and that’s what he likes.”

Pasha’s fans were sad to see her go

“Marc wasn’t the guy for you! Your personality is too strong for him! He wouldn’t have been able to handle a woman like you! You’re a beast! A Queen ! And the guy is just not your match. I’m sorry. You’re beautiful ! And I like yo.. though I’m team #qiniso all the best,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

Some were even more surprised that Bridget was not the one leaving.

Here’s a look at what other viewers had to say about the drama-filled episode.