You’ve been given a whole bunch of time, so why not use some of it to reorganise your beauty products? Spoiler alert: you’ll rediscover products you’d completely forgotten about!

We know that things are a bit crazy at the moment and your daily routine has completely gone out the window (anyone else even remember when we used to have limits to screen time?!), but we have been given the unique opportunity to spend some time at home and actually get to those projects we never had time for beforehand.

One lockdown task you definitely should move to the top of your to-do list?

Reorganise your beauty products! It might not sound all that exciting, but you’ll be surprised at the products you discover in the process – you’ll actually probably feel like you have a whole bunch of new goodies without even spending a cent!

So, set aside some time, take out your make-up bag(s), open that make-up drawer and beauty closet, and let’s reorganise your beauty products…

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Start by looking at expiration dates

Once you’ve gathered all your products – even those from the depths of your handbag – have a look at their condition or expiration dates.

Yes, some products in your beauty cupboard – especially skincare products – have an expiration date, after which they become ineffective, while others start to dry out or become a bit, well, gross (we’re looking at you two-year-old mascara!).

Chuck out anything way past its expiration date (which could explain those breakouts!), things like nail polish that have gone hard and those empties you’ve been hoping will magically refill themselves.

Make some tough choices

Now’s the time to be honest with yourself… which products have been sitting there for months, or even years, waiting for their chance to perform?

Yes, we know: you spent a lot of money on that foundation, but the shade is just wrong, that lipstick just isn’t you and one day you will use that serum.

The truth is, if it’s been there for more than six months without being used, you’re probably never going to use it, so it’s time to take it out the cupboard or bag.

Decide if there’s a friend or family member who would get some use out of it and pay it forward.

Time to clean

Now’s when everything gets its new lease on life – it’s time to clean. Start with your brushes; use shampoo, make-up brush cleaner, coconut oil or whichever product you choose and wash your brushes… yes, some of them once had white bristles that you haven’t seen for quite some time.

Then get your make-up bags and storage boxes and wipe them all down, followed by all the products themselves (how does your powder get everywhere, right?!) and your shelves where you store them. Doesn’t everything just look so pretty?

Pack away

Now you need to decide where everything goes in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle and where it’s easy to access everything.

Depending on your space, you could display your pretty perfumes so that you remember to use them, separate your make-up so that you know where every product is for those mornings when five minutes is all you have, and add your favourite go-to items to your make-up bag.

Put your skincare products where you can actually reach and see them clearly, and then slap on one of your face masks; you deserve it!