Last updated on Apr 14th, 2020 at 09:00 am

Burn fat and get slim by engaging in high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Engaging in an exercise programme consistently is one of the easiest ways to burn fat and stay fit at the same time. It can help you to get slim if you are trying to drop a few kilograms too.

Resistance training such as weightlifting can play a great role in helping you to reduce your carbohydrate stores and water weight and burn fat. Furthermore, it will also assist you in building up and maintaining your muscle mass as well as improving muscle strength.

Many people find that their metabolism is given a boost too by engaging in a suitable exercise routine regularly.

Experiencing discomfort?

Always stop if you experience any discomfort or pain and remember that the more fit you are, the more comfortable you will feel when exercising.

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Consult your doctor

Always remember to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime or making intense changes to your current one – especially if you suffer from any medical conditions and for some reason are required not to place your body or yourself under any form of stress or strain.

While All4Women endeavours to ensure health articles are based on scientific research, health articles should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice. Should you have concerns related to this content, it is advised that you discuss them with your personal healthcare provider.