Strange is the new normal. With nowhere to go, you could be tempted to give up on your beauty routine completely…

Here are three things you shouldn’t stop doing, even during the lockdown:

Staying home gives us a break from most of our routine. We don’t need to wear full make-up every day, a bad hair day is just a hair day and the gorgeous manicures we got a few weeks ago are growing out really badly. While most of this doesn’t matter, there are some beauty routines you shouldn’t break even while you’re staying at home.

Moisturise and hydrate from head to toe

Your hair and skin need moisture whether you’re going out or staying home – especially with winter on the way. Keeping your skin moisturised by using a good moisturiser and staying hydrated can keep your skin looking good naturally. Moisturiser can help prevent creasing, wrinkling and other skin conditions that can become permanent.

Moisturising your hair is equally important, even if you aren’t going to style it. Moisturising your hair can prevent breakage and protect your hair from damage. It is also important not to over moisturise and keep up with your hair washing routine to avoid oil build-up.

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Keep it clean

It isn’t just your hands you need to keep clean. Keeping your skin and hair clean will prevent the build-up of oil, dirt and products that clog your pores and prevent the good products you use from being absorbed. You might be tempted not to wash your face or to skipp a shower because you aren’t going anywhere, but looking after your skin is still important. It will also make you feel a lot better; trust us.

Keeping your nails clean and short is also a great foundation for an acceptable home manicure and pedicure.

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Sleep is the worst-kept beauty secret

A disruption to your routine can disturb your sleep patterns. While staying up and catching up on all the series and movies you’ve always wanted to watch can be tempting, sleepless night take a toll on your body and it shows.

Make sure to get in time to rest and relax; your body will definitely thank you for it.

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