Social support can play a big role in aiding one’s weight-loss efforts.

If you are not on a weight-loss journey of your very own, consider playing a role in your loved one’s journey. Give them the social support that they may need to achieve their weight-loss targets timeously.

For example, assist in purchasing healthy ingredients or preparing healthy meals at home. You could also reduce the amount of junk foods and snacks that are eaten at home. Remember that this can apply to beverages too.

If your friend is on a weight-loss journey, offer to accompany him or her to the gym or when out on a run. You may be inspired to shed some kilograms yourself in the process!

Remember that support could come in various ways. You do not necessary have to be around the person all the time to encourage them or keep them motivated. You could send them little notes, give them a call or even purchase something that can help them along their journey. For example, give your husband new workout attire or exercise equipment. Welcome support if you need it, or give it to others whenever you can!

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