Mihlali Ndamase has made no secret of the fact that she is a huge fan of Mzansi Magic show, Date My Family

But does the make-up influencer love the show enough to become one of the bachelorettes looking for love?

If the show’s producers are smart, we might see Mihlali making an appearance on the popular show.

“I wana go on date my family for fun,” she wrote after watching the latest episode, which featured a gorgeous candidate attorney looking for love.

Date My Family helps bachelors and bachelorettes “find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner’s family”.

The singletons then have to select which partner they want to meet in person based solely on those dates.

Mihlali’s fans encouraged her to send her application to the show.

“Please do! Ratings will skyrocket!” one follower wrote.

Some of Mihlali’s fans hoped that they would be one of the potential partners

“I want to be one of the singles so I can stand a chance to go on a date with you,” one man wrote.

While Mihlali has been linked to several A-listers in the past, the YouTuber has remained mum about her love life.

But she revealed in December 2019 that she was ready to settle down.

A few days before that tweet Mihlali told fellow YouTuber Yolz “there is someone” in her life.

It is unclear whether she is still with her mystery man.

When quizzed about her love life in February this year, Mihlali played coy about her relationship status.

“I don’t have a boyfriend… I’m joking. Okay, I actually don’t have a boyfriend… But uhm I don’t know. Actually, I really don’t want to talk about that,” she told TshisaLIVE.

Mihlali also revealed why she doesn’t like talking about her relationships

“… love life wise I also protect that, I don’t put it out in the public eye, because people become attached to what you put out there when they like you.

“For example, if I’m going to be public about this relationship and it doesn’t work out – I mean I am young, it happens – then move on to the next person, make that public too, then people are still attached to the previous relationship.”

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