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Children all over the world are living in an environment (and coping with a reality) that we never imagined for them…

We’re scared, but we know that eventually, we will crush this pandemic and go back out on the streets and to work. But how do you explain this new reality to small children, especially when you can’t tell them exactly how long life inside – away from their friends and school – will go on for?

And yet our children are showing how resilient they are – by adapting to the new rules, whether it be playing with their siblings or parents instead of friends, doing without happy meals and trips to the beach or mall, or having to do school work without a teacher.

I came across this on social media last night (author unknown) and had to share, as a reminder to honour (and hug) our children today… and tell them how proud we are of them for the way they are coping during this lockdown period.

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