Are YOU ready to make your Easter weekend fun and affordable this April? You don’t have to overextend your pocket to have unforgettable memories…

Don’t bother with expensive ‘complications’ this Easter, rather keep it FUN and stick to what you have available, save a few bucks in the process. It has indeed been a tough few weeks for South Africans, especially regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Carla Oberholzer, debt adviser at DebtSafe, says it is, therefore, important to work with what you’ve got, stay at home and to keep things simple and uncomplicated. Easter should be quality time spend with your small circle and, NOT a time to stress about things/tasks that do not matter.

You can still make memories

Decorations or table décor:

Keep décor simple this year and work with decorations that you already have available. Perhaps a DIY or two will do the trick AND it won’t spoil your limited budget amount.

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Say YES to memories and experiences:

What about using those items and ingredients that you’ve got in the pantry/cupboard and have some fun with the kids (and adults)? There are endless Easter baking options or recipes that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Easter is NOT about gifts and presents but rather about the GIFT of a MEMORY or an ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE.

Make Egg/Easter hunt activities memorable, yet inexpensive:

What about hiding Papier-mâché eggs (by using low-priced balloons to form the shapes) or those cheap plastic eggs that you already have available in the cupboard? You can fill the plastic eggs with inexpensive candy, for example.

Alternatively, why not use real eggs (if you have a tray or two available) and colour/dye them (use a colour per child perhaps)? All you need is a marker or some dye – vinegar, boiling water and drops of food colouring.

Homemade Easter meals are the best and most affordable:

Get your loved ones (if this is the type of Easter that you are still considering) to contribute to whatever meal you choose. There are various options to consider, from a homecooked meal to a bring-and-braai. Plan according to what is the easiest and those items/ingredients that you and your small circle already have accessible.

Extra tips to keep in mind for future Easters to come:

Remember to make use of rewards/saved-up points when you are planning to travel during your future Easter holidays (when filling up the car or using restaurants as meal options, for example). Try to save in advance for your Easter long weekends and stay FAR away from store-bought chocolates – the costs definitely add up.

Keep the these tips in mind to stay within your future Easter budgets.