All4Women Entrepreneurs is a monthly feature where we put the spotlight on amazing female entrepreneurs starting businesses in South Africa. This month we spoke to Clinimed founder, Dr Mathobela Matjekane, to find out how she turned a cause she believes in into a business.

Passion projects might be fuelled by a lot of emotion, but they don’t always turn into successful business ideas. Dr Matjekane turned her passion for affordable quality healthcare into a thriving business that she wants to see grow into a national chain.

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Educate yourself

Dr Matjekane may have been inspired to start Clinimed by the state of public medical care, but it was her passion for self-improvement and constant learning that made her dream of running her own clinics possible.

Although Dr Matjekane didn’t study business formally, she is an avid reader and made the most of her hobby by learning more about business.” I’ve been lucky to always have access to books. I love reading outside of formally studying medicine and I’ve always wanted to expand my knowledge and my understanding of business. You can learn without getting a formal education,” she says.

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All4Women Entrepreneurs: Tips for turning your job into  business 

Always look for opportunities to grow

As a general practitioner, Dr Matjekane could have easily limited her clinic to general medicine, but working in the community exposed her to the diverse needs of the market, including a growing interest in aesthetic treatments.

In addition to her qualification as a medical doctor and experience in her field, Dr Matjekane studied towards becoming an aesthetician and offers aesthetic services at her clinics.

“There is definitely an interest in aesthetic medicine in the middle-class. These services are often only offered in exclusive areas. But I’ve seen that many people who are interested, don’t have access to the services or even information on treatments,” she says.

Test your market

When you have a business idea, it is easy to get carried away and be overly optimistic in your planning. Moving slowly and testing your market’s appetite gives you time to make adjustments and improve your business as you go. This will help you make sure your service or product suits your market in the best possible way.

Dr Matjekane started with one clinic. Based on the success of that first clinic she built her three clinic chain, and plans to expand into other provinces, including Gauteng.

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