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Social media users are fuming after American journalist Adam Housley shared a disturbing tweet about how the coronavirus is affecting South Africa

Adam, who is married to The Real co-host Tamera-Mowry-Housley, claimed that a million body bags were being shipped to South Africa in anticipation of a high death toll.

“Tonight I have learned that 1 million body bags have been delivered to South Africa. It’s estimated that nearly 8.5 million people have AIDS or TB in the country and they are very worried about whats coming with coronavirus,” Adam tweeted.

South Africans were less than impressed with the “fake news” and slammed the former Fox news anchor for his “irresponsible” and “ignorant” comments.

Award-winning radio and television personality Redi Tlabi told Adam to stop spreading fake news

“Just shut up. What you wrote below has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fake news you posted. We don’t care who you love..just stop this toxic misinformation campaign & ignorance. We did not misunderstand you. We are highly educated & well travelled citizens. And we live here!” she tweeted.

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Some tweeps noted that South Africa had nine deaths linked to Covid-19 while America had over 9 000 confirmed deaths, and told the 48-year-old to worry about what was happening in his own backyard.

“Adam allow me to educate you! SA has acted swiftly to combat this virus & protect its people. Go focus your Twitter fingers on USA where 1000s are dying daily from Corona, Flint Michigan’s dirty water, police brutality on Black Americans & immigrants families being destroyed,” one woman wrote.

Adam promptly deleted his post and apologised for his remarks

“I have deleted my South African tweet. It is being completely misunderstood. If you’ve followed me for years, you know South Africa was one of my most favourite places I’ve ever been. I met [Desmond] Tutu and some amazing people. I have been counting the days to take my kids back,” he wrote.

He added that he was not “attacking South Africa or their attempts to fight COVID-19” and claimed the information he received was “presented as a fact from a government source”.

“There was no lie and no intention to disrespect. I apologise if it was taken that way.”

He insisted that it was the SA government that was “worried” and he was just shining a spotlight on the issue as his family loves the country.

Those tweets appear to have been deleted as well.

South Africans did not accept Adam’s apology.

One Twitter user slammed Adam for name dropping Bishop Desmond Tutu in his apology.

“This is the equivalent of saying ‘I can’t be racist, I have a Black friend’.”

Another tweep said that his apology was a little too late.

“How dare you @adamhousley! The whole world already saw your disgusting tweet. You should be ashamed of yourself. Deleting it won’t solve the outrage you caused. You should learn to do your research before tweeting sh*t! Your ‘Great Contacts’ aren’t so great after all.”

Many wondered which government source Adam got his information from, and some accused him of lying about his supposed contacts.

As if South Africans were not angry enough, some tweeps dug up old tweets Adam shared about the country allegedly being on the verge of a civil war.

“You’ve always been a piece of kak and I bet that your “source” is AfriForum @adamhousley.”

It’s not the first time that Adam has made headlines for all the wrong reasons

He was previously slammed for comments he made during George Zimmerman’s trial.

George made headlines in 2012 when he killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

He shot the Florida teen after reporting him as a “suspicious” person to police. George was acquitted of the charges against him after claiming that he killed Trayvon in self-defence.

Many felt that George racially profiled the teen whose only crime was walking home at night from a nearby convenience store.

Adam, who did not think race played a part in the altercation, admitted that he said that Trayvon caused his own death before knowing the facts.

But some Twitter users said that he seemed more concerned that George would become a victim of vigilantism.

“In conclusion: I wish they both went home that night. Prayers with Martin’s family. Zimmerman should not fear vigilante violence,” Adam tweeted in 2013.

He has been called out for his Trayvon-George Zimmerman tweets ever since.

Strangely, the journalist has used South Africa to defend himself against racism accusations in the past.

“For those bent on race. I ask you to read what Mandela and De Klerk did in South Africa,” Adam wrote in 2013.

One American Twitter shared screenshots of the former reporter’s tweets in 2018.

“Housley is also pushing that white genocide in South Africa propaganda. Notice how he keeps mentioning Mandela? Unfortunately, Mandela allowed the white supremacists in SA to maintain all of the land and resources while the Black masses there were made to suffer in silence.”

Tamera’s fans told her to “check” her husband before it was too late

“Sis! Gather your husband please, he’s being an absolute clown right now… we don’t need his fear mongering false reports, we are dealing with serious matters as a country. His sensationalism is not needed and disgusting, no country needs that Expressionless face tell him to stop the clowning,” one fan told the former Sister, Sister star.

Another fan wrote: “As a fan I’ve lost respect for your husband it’s sad because I love you #notcooladamThumbs down.”