Whether you suddenly find yourself with idle time due to not travelling back and forth to the office or a reduced workload; or if you just need a reason to close the bedroom door behind you – we’ve seen a lot of hobbies and time killers pop up in recent months…

Here are the make-up techniques I’ll be attempting to perfect in the coming weeks:

Flawless bold lipstick

I always have the best intentions to wear my bold and deep lip colours, but by the time I’m done with the rest of my make-up I end up with lip balm or a dirty pink shade 90% of the time. This happens purely because I know it takes me a good few minutes to do it properly, and if it’s not perfect I’ll take it off. 

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  1. Start with applying some foundation to your lips when you do your face. A sharpened lipliner is crucial – now is not the time to cut corners. I start by marking the curve in my upper line with a small X-shape, and I then continue the line to both mouth corners. It’s important not to overline towards the outer corners – if you want to add a millimetre or two, taper back towards your natural shape when you reach the last ? of your upper lip. 
  2. Line your lower lip, and then colour in your lips with the pencil. . 
  3. When you’re done, take half a step back and look at your mouth in both neutral and smiling expressions. You can correct small inconsistencies now. If you want to erase anything, do it now with makeup remover on a cotton bud and apply concealer with a small brush to straighten the lines. 
  4. Go over your lips with your lipstick now – you can stay a millimetre or so away from the lined edge to ensure you don’t go over. 

This initially takes a while, but once you have the hang of it you’ll be done in a minute! 

Dramatic eyeshadow

If I had a killer look for every time I planned to go big with my makeup but ended up with muted bronze eyeshadow… Don’t get me wrong, I love my old faithful, but sometimes those deep burgundys, matte blacks and blindingly sparkly golds also deserve their day in the sun (or in your home office. Whatever works). 

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Dzianis Apolka – @123rf.com


  1. Prime your eyelids so your shadows sit tight, and make eyeshadow the first thing you do. This will allow you to work with as many shadows for as long as you need to, with easy cleanup and foundation application afterwards serving as the finishing touches. 
  2. Keep your phone, tablet or laptop next to the mirror and watch tutorials as you go. There are millions of them online, and you can either try to recreate the look being demonstrated or cherry pick techniques and make them work for you. 
  3. There aren’t many rules, but what is useful is layering textures in order – matte finishes first, then satins, followed by shimmer & glitter. 
  4. Keep a couple of clean brushes to one side, and use them to regularly blend throughout the application. The first rule of eyeshadow is when you think you’re done blending, blend a little more.