We are all spending a lot more time at home these days, whether you’re going solo or are locked down with your family.

Being home for this long is very new and a little uncomfortable for most of us. With a few changes and no shopping, you can make your home a little more comfortable for the rest of the lockdown period.

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Try a little minimalism

You’ve never needed more space in your home than you do now. Instead of watching all those Marie Kondo videos aimlessly marveling at her decluttering methods, it’s time to put them to use. Do a room by room decluttering getting rid of the things you don’t need or use and arrange the things you keep more efficiently.

A less cluttered home will give the feeling of more space, and the act of decluttering will also give you something productive to do.

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Create space for everyone

Being locked down with your family gives you more time to bond than ever, but after a few days of being in such close proximity with no breaks or outings, things can get a little uncomfortable.

Make sure everyone has a little space that is just theirs where they can enjoy some privacy, quiet and the comfort of knowing whatever mess they make there will be exactly where they left it when they come back.

This might seem difficult to do in small homes, but something as small as putting up temporary boundaries on a table or cupboard top can make a practical do not disturb area you can each retreat to.

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Bring the garden indoors

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden to spend some outdoor time in. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, use your indoor plants to create an outdoor garden. Although your plants may beautify specific places individually, their impact can be even greater when they are in the same place, making that one area feel closer to being outdoors.

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Smell like home

Finding a scent everyone in your home will like for extended periods can be hard. Scents like cinnamon, vanilla and citrus can be a great middle-ground for your family.

Boiling spiced water or water with vanilla essence can make your home smell like freshly baked cookies without the effort of actually baking every day.

You can even make your own scented candles with your family. Melt fragrance-free plain white candles, add scents with spices, essence, oils and even citrus rinds, then allow to set.

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Regulate the temperature

The air-con wars at the office may be over for now, but they could be starting up at home. Whether it’s an actual air-conditioner or opening a few windows, regulating the temperature in your home can make it more comfortable.

Air out rooms every morning by opening the windows and doors then shut windows and doors to your personal tastes as the day goes on. Keeping fresh air circulating in your home can make it more comfortable and also decrease the likelihood of sharing colds and flu.