Here are two easy exercises that you can do in your lounge, or in any other room of the house for that matter.

Both these exercises can increase your heart rate and give you a good cardio workout.

High knees

Have you performed the high knees exercise before? If not, no worries. It is rather very simple. All you need to do is perform a marching movement in one spot, bringing your knees as high up as they can go. You could alternatively choose to march up and down the room if you become tired of moving in just one spot.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a common component to many people’s workout regime.  Stand with your feet together and your arms at your side. Jump and land with your feet wide apart and your arms touching one another overhead. Some people like to clap their hands together when their arms are overhead. Return to starting position. Do this several times and you will be performing jumping jacks. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Experiencing discomfort?

Always stop if you experience any discomfort or pain and remember that the more fit you are, the more comfortable you will feel when exercising.

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Consult your doctor

Always remember to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime or making intense changes to your current one – especially if you suffer from any medical conditions and for some reason are required not to place your body or yourself under any form of stress or strain.

While All4Women endeavours to ensure health articles are based on scientific research, health articles should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice. Should you have concerns related to this content, it is advised that you discuss them with your personal healthcare provider.