Since the beach is off-limits during lockdown, here are some ideas to help your little kids enjoy the last days of summer in your garden…

We may be heading into autumn, but there are still a few hot days expected in April, so here are some ways to entertain your young children in your garden and give you a much-needed break…

  • Bath the toys – add water to a shallow container and let the kids wash their plastic toys. If you use an eco-friendly soap, you can give the leftover water to the garden.
  • Make mud pies – add a little water to some sand and let the kids go at it while you kick back with something cold.
  • Water fight – fill up spray bottles and have a family spray water fight. It’s a fun way to play with water without using too much.
  • Frozen toys – freeze small toys in a container filled with water. Once frozen, tip out onto paving or the grass and let your kids use a toy wooden hammer to break the toys free. You can throw the rest of the ice into the garden to water plants.
  • Fake paint – grab some paintbrushes, a small bucket of water and let your kids “paint” the garden wall.