Daniel Radcliffe has “never been more grateful” not to have a child

The Harry Potter star and his girlfriend Erin Darke haven’t left their New York home for more than a week due to social distancing measures in place to slow the spread of coronavirus and though the pair wish they had a dog to give them an excuse to get out for fresh air, they’re happy they only have themselves to entertain behind closed doors.

He told Vulture: “We have a little Post-It on the wall that we’re keeping a tally on. There was something about it that just made me laugh, immediately treating it like a prison film.

“We’re both in the situation where we’ve never been more grateful not to have a kid, or more annoyed that we don’t have a dog.

“But generally speaking, compared to a lot of people, we are very, very much okay.”

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The 30-year-old actor was recently the victim of an online hoax claiming he was the first celebrity to have contracted coronavirus and his girlfriend was stunned to receive a barrage of texts when she got off a flight back to the US from visiting Daniel in London

Asked when she first heard the rumour, she said: “I was on a plane back from visiting him. As soon as the plane landed, I turned my phone on and I had all these texts like, ‘Tell me the internet’s wrong!’ ‘Is Daniel okay?’

“I was like, ‘What the f**k is happening?’ And finally a couple people texted me, ‘Oh, it was a hoax, never mind.’ ”

Daniel didn’t even think to mention the rumour to the 35-year-old actress when they later spoke.

She added: “I also had a text from Dan asking what he should do with the Invisalign that I accidentally left in the retainer when I left. I was like, I think he’s okay?

“I was just very confused. I was like, He seemed really okay this morning and he’s only texting me about my retainer, so if that’s his way of letting me know he has corona, we need to work on our communication.”

Daniel said: “Didn’t I text you about it, being like, ‘There’s this thing going around?’ I thought I’d mentioned that. I did know about it at that point.”

His girlfriend laughed: “No! You literally only texted me about my retainer.”

Author: BANG Showbiz