Your thyroid performs many important functions in your body, but we usually only realise what it’s doing when something ‘goes wrong’!

What is your thyroid exactly? It’s a gland located at the base of your neck and forms part of the endocrine system in your body. The endocrine system is a network of glands that perform vital functions in your body by producing hormones that regulate things like sleep, mood, reproduction, your metabolism and tissue function.

Your thyroid gland assists in controlling things like body temperature, mood, and a dysfunctional gland can even affect your sense of taste!

Weight changes

Sudden weight changes can also indicate a thyroid issue. Weight gain could be a sign of hypothyroidism, while weight loss could be a sign of hyperthyroidism.

Here are some common symptoms of an under- or over-active thyroid. If you have one of, or all of these, you’ll want to see a doctor and get it checked out.

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1.     Temperature control issues

If your thyroid is a mess, then you’re probably always either hot and sweaty (hyperthyroidism) or cold (hypothyroidism). This in turn would affect your heart rate, and your weight. You may also just be someone who is always hot or cold, so make sure you take other symptoms into account before you react.

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