By Cath Jenkin

Giving your home a deep clean has never been more important, or more satisfying. Here’s how to deep clean your home, the DIY way.

A deep clean for every room

Giving your home a thorough deep clean can be immensely satisfying, and in times where hygiene and cleanliness are most important, the process becomes essential. Now’s the time to pull out the machines, find the right cleaning solutions, and get to work. We recommend you:

Eco-friendly is best: Find eco-friendly cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment or your pets.

Make it routine: Find sustainable ways to continue deep cleaning your home in the future. For example, you could make it part of your family’s activity schedule, or set aside specific times during the month where your focus rests on a deep clean of your home.

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Get everything you need before you begin: We’d recommend finding a good, reputable online supplier of eco-friendly cleaning products, and placing a bulk order with them for delivery to your home. You could also set up a recurring order, and schedule a deep clean of your home around delivery dates.

Set yourself a game plan to deep clean every room in your house: Make a map and to do list, ticking items and rooms off, as you finish them.

Carpets and mats

If it’s possible to hire a professional carpet cleaner, then consider this an option. But, at this time, we’re all about the DIY deep clean lifestyle, so that you can keep your home clean for less. To deep clean carpets and mats, you can:

Make a homemade cleaning mix: Find a list of instructions for making homemade carpet cleaner, that can use items you find in your home to create. We deeply recommend avoiding harmful chemicals, and ensuring you adhere to the listed instructions as closely as possible.

Pull out your machines: Whether you’ve got a steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner, or specialised carpet cleaner, now’s the time to get those out and set them to work!

Do a pre-clean: Pre-cleaning your carpets helps to lift a large amount of dirt. Wherever you spot visible sand, grime, or other substances, remove that first, before you start your carpet deep clean.

Choose between wet and dry, or a combination approach: If you’re going to wet your carpets while cleaning them, don’t forget that they’ll need to be well-ventilated once you’re done. If you’re simply adopting a dry deep clean approach, you may be able to get away with less ventilation.

Suck it up: A deep clean of your carpet, using your vacuum cleaner, will mean vacuuming in at least three different directions. Take your time over troublesome spots and don’t forget to attack every corner.

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Tackling the tiles

Bathrooms and kitchens may look spotlessly clean, but germs and hidden dirt do need to be deep cleaned away. To deep clean your tiles, we recommend:

Mop it up: Give your tiled floors and surfaces a good first mop with your favourite detergent or DIY mix of cleaning ingredients. Take your time with this part, as it will save you work on the second step.

Scrub it down: Next up, grab a good scrubbing brush, and get to work with cleaning each individual tile. Use your favourite grime-cleaning solution or product.

Get into the grout: And lastly, tile grouting is famous for harbouring forgotten pieces of dirt and grime. There’s nothing wrong with using an old toothbrush for this approach, and the tighter you scrub, the cleaner it will be.

Looking up and getting down

Deep cleaning your home doesn’t just happen on the ground level; you need to look up too. Now’s the time to dust off and wipe light fittings (switch off the lights first), and make sure you clean up any dirt and dust that falls on the floor.

If you can, do a light and corner clean first – yes, corners are where cobwebs hide! Similarly, it’s time to move underneath and get a good grip on what’s happening below your surfaces. Clean the underside of your tables and counters, where possible, and don’t forget underneath your basins and sinks.

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Walls and windows

Your windows are an important part of your deep clean process. The best way to get your windows sparkling clean to see-through is:

Take a walk: Walk around the inside and outside of your house to see if there are any cracks, faults, or broken window panes across your house. If you do find any cracks or broken windows, fix these first before doing a deep clean of your windows.

Wipe them down: The age-old mix of spirit vinegar and newspaper is a winning combination for deep cleaning your windows. Alternatively, use your favourite window cleaning detergent and get started. Make sure you get into every nook, cranny, and corner of your windows.

Frame it up: Your window frames may be made of aluminum, wood, or other materials, so give these a good wipe down with a recommended detergent.

Don’t forget your curtains and blinds: Sparkly windows are lovely, but your window dressings, curtains, and blinds need attention too. Take them down entirely, and pop them into the washing machine for a deep clean.

Hit the walls: Using your favourite detergent and a cloth, take your time with cleaning stains and spots off your walls, but don’t forget to give them a good wipe down overall too. Big tip: A clean mop can help you reach those high parts.

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