We all want to be financially secure and happy when we retire. Here are a few tips to have a happy retirement.

We all look forward to that special time in our lives when we can tell the boss where to go, hop into our RV and drive away. Truth is, most of us wonâ??t own an RV when we retire, and many of us wonâ??t like retirement. Here are a few tips to have a happy retirement and keep yourself from feeling left out.

It’s never too soon to start saving for retirement

If youâ??re already retired, hopefully you have planned well for your future financial needs. If youâ??re not retired yet, itâ??s never too soon to start planning and saving. Too many people arenâ??t able to have a happy retirement because of financial stress.

Save while youâ??re young so that you will have something to live on later. Invest money in a 401K, or just throw it in a savings account. Getting a professional financial planner can really help you figure out the best way to invest your money so there will be enough there when you retire.

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Relax! Youâ??ve worked your whole life for this

Donâ??t stress about every little thing. Just because you donâ??t have to go to work anymore doesnâ??t mean you have to fill all that time being productive. Go fishing, watch TV, play cards or golf with your friends. It doesnâ??t matter what you do as long as you do something fun.

Some people find they just canâ??t relax and enjoy all the extra time on their hands. If this is you, get a part time job or find some volunteer work to do.

Animal shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers all take volunteers. Or, you could find a soup kitchen or homeless shelter to help in. Many of these places are understaffed, and it would give you something to do to keep your mind off your new status as a retired person.

Spend time with your family

If your children need a babysitter, volunteer. Spending time with your grandchildren is not only good for you, but is good for them too.

Children are so much fun and you never know what each day will bring. They are also a lot of work so make sure youâ??re up for the task before you volunteer.

Play games, go to the park, so whatever you want. Itâ??s a great way to be happy and pass the time and whatâ??s the point of retirement if you canâ??t have a little fun?

Plan a family get together

Or at least try to. Families these days are so busy and spread out that itâ??s hard for everyone to keep in touch. Plan a family reunion and invite everyone you can find. Just remember, not everyone has a lot of extra time on his or her hands.

If you do the work, the family is likely to come, but no matter how hard you try someone will be busy or get left out. Donâ??t stress about it. Enjoy the ones who came and make plans for a visit with whoever missed it for when they have a little time.

Retirement is the time to do whatever you want

Most of us today are too busy to have any hobbies. The great thing about retirement is that you can do whatever you want. Take up a hobby, research whatever interests you, or go back to school. Many senior citizens are having a happy retirement by furthering their education. Some are pursuing degrees, while others are just taking classes to learn more about their interests.

Whatever you decide to do, have a happy retirement. Donâ??t let stress and worries get in your way. Remember, you worked hard for this. Now go enjoy yourself!