Google has announced a new web browser designed to better handle video-rich or other complex web programs that pose a challenge to browsers designed originally to handle text and graphics. It is to be called Google Chrome.

The move heightens fears that Google is aiming at World Domination – Big Brother Internet-wise. Until recently Google was seen as the Knight in Shining Armour, rescuing the world from the then increasingly dominant grip of Microsoft.

Meanwhile Microsoft has released a second test version of Internet Explorer 8, delivering a feature-complete upgrade to the world’s most widely used web browser.

For the present, our vote still goes to Firefox – an excellent, faster, browser with the added benefits of being Open Source and independent. Firefox (although still small in South Africa) usage has grown world-wide from 36.4% in January 2008 to 46.7% in August 2008. It it easy to use and install and can be downloaded here.

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To download a copy of of Google Chrome (Beta) click here.