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Actress Buhle Samuels is clapping back at Twitter users who did not see the humourous side of a post she shared about the coronavirus lockdown

The drama started when the Muvhango star shared her thoughts on how the lockdown would affect crime in South Africa.

“I think one of the positive things that will come from the Covid-19 lockdown is no crime for a whole 21 days!

“It is said a habit can be formed/ broken in 21 days, let’s hope thieves can learn better ways to behave in society! #21daysLockdown,” she wrote.

Many of her followers told her that criminals don’t care about the coronavirus, with some noting that domestic violence incidents would likely increase even more.

“Sadly, what crime goes down outside the home might go up inside the home. Here in Germany, we’re having more reports of domestic violence already,” one tweep wrote.

Another user added: “It will rise. People will lose their homes and jobs. The number of people on poverty will increase after this. Crime will increase.”

Some tweeps called Buhle dumb for thinking the lockdown would somehow reform criminal minds

She clapped back, telling her followers that sarcasm was all she had at the moment.

Buhle said people needed to get a sense of humour.

“Some [of] you need to have a little more humor! If you believe from just one tweet I’ve posted that I believe people can just stop being thieves in 21 days then I think you need to worry more about yourself!” she wrote.

Another storm was brewing elsewhere on Twitter.

Actress Rami Chuene weighed in on a debate about what parents with shared custody of their children would do during the 21-day lockdown

As far as Rami was concerned, the children’s health should be put first.

“I’m a co-parent and there was no debate about a week here, a week there. Most important thing is the health & safety of the kids. Primary parent must do the lockdown. Let’s go past 21days then we’ll see. It’s no more business as usual bathong! Your rights over my kids health? NO,” she said.

One Twitter user told Rami it was not that simple.

“What happens when there is no primary parent but shared custody split in weekly intervals?” the woman asked the star.

Rami replied that parents needed to decide who would become the main caregiver during the lockdown.

“You guys must decide who will do the lockdown. These are not the times of your week, my week. Life has changed, we’re dealing with a different normal. Adjust. Your kids are not idiots, sit them down and explain the dangers out there.”

Rami added that people would be “surprised how kids under seven adjust” to a little change during 21-day lockdown.