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Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 02:00 pm

Every trip to the grocery store may increase your risk of being infected with COVID-19, which is why Dr Shawn Nasseri recommends this disinfecting routine…

Cabin fever is bound to set in under the COVID-19 lockdown, but don’t be too quick to use the excuse to shop for groceries to get out – every trip to the shops increases your risk of infection.

Dr Shawn Nasseri, a Harvard educated and Mayo Clinic trained ENT, warns that you shouldn’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary.

To help keep your home and family germ-free, he recommends the following routine when you return home:

1. Remove your shoes and change your clothes

Put those clothes in a laundry hamper until you can wash them. It’s best to have clothes at the front of your house to immediately change into.

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2. Wash your hands and face

3. Blow your nose

In the same way, we wash our face we want to wash out our mucous membrane because that is where the virus lives.

4. Shower

If time allows, take a hot shower.

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For all the latest news about the coronavirus, click here.

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