Last night Andeline (24) was the latest girl to leave The Bachelor mansion.

After making the top ten, her journey came to an end. Here’s what she had to say about her time on the show.

What is the best/difficult thing about living in The Bachelor house?

The best thing would certainly be the tranquillity and beauty of the place. I love curling up on one of the couches with a good book! The hardest part is having to share your space with so many personality types. I live alone at home and was really testing my patience at the Mansion.

How has The Bachelor changed your life?

I’ve become much more self- assured that I am on the right track with my life and heading onwards and upwards. I’ve really noticed my coping skills were on par with most of the older women and that was awesome! I’ve also made friends.

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What did your friends and family have to say when they found out you were going to be on The Bachelor?

They were worried that I was pausing my studies to pursue this dream, but they have always been supportive.

Did you watch the first season of The Bachelor? If so, what was your favourite moment and who were you rooting for?

I did! (research) I loved the skydiving date! And I related most to Natasha but was rooting for Michelle Reddy.

What is your secret to staying camera-ready throughout the show?

POWDER!! And choosing natural and effortless looks that can’t go too wrong. Also, stay away from sleeves to avoid potential sweat stains.

Describe Marc Buckner in one sentence.

A man on a journey to discovering what his higher purpose in this life is.

So far, who is your biggest competitor?

I would put my money on Qiniso and Silke.

What kind of relationship do you think you would have with Marc if he chooses you?

Hopefully one of mutual respect for our careers. I’d love to get to know every aspect of him. And I think there may be some banter or complications because of the obvious age gap. I want a teammate for life!

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