Make working from home easy by building the perfect set up with these essentials.

Working from home can either be very productive or a day spent looking for things you could easily find at work and trying not to get distracted by family, things you need to do at home and even just the walls.

Get in your productive zone with help from these three work from home essentials:

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The perfect headsets

The perfect headsets are loud enough for you to hear the music over the sounds of your home but not loud enough to cancel out the sounds of an emergency or your phone ringing.

Go for comfortable headsets that won’t irritate your ears or keep falling out of your ear as you work. If you can get them, Bluetooth headsets are best because you don’t have to plug them in anywhere or deal with a wire holding you back if you pace or dance while you think.

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Snacks on hand

Getting up and going to the fridge is a great time waster for people who work from home. Aside from the time you waste staring into the cold box waiting for snack inspiration to hit, you’re just walking into a distraction.

Keep healthy snacks on hand to fuel your body without unnecessary walkabouts. We love keeping nuts and dried fruit at our desks. Dried fruit and nuts give you the convenience of food staying on hand and not spoiling and then there is also the reassurance that our sweet and savoury snacks are both healthy too.

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Make a plan

Some people are procrastinators simply because they fail to plan. Having a set plan for each day can help you manage your time better and prioritise your work to make sure you are being as efficient with your time as possible.

Having a monthly planner will keep you ahead of your events and deadlines. Having a daily planner will help you prioritise what needs to get done each day – which can be difficult to keep track of when you’re at home. We all need one for our desks.

Whether you have a fancy desk planner or you just use a piece of cardboard, take some time to put something together so you know what’s on the cards for the next few weeks.

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