If you have free-lying rugs, which is better-  a solid go with the vacuum, or a beating with a tennis racket over the wall? We take a look…

While you may be inclined to assume technology is always going to win out, this time it doesn’t.

A good, old-fashioned beating clears far more dust and debris from a carpet then a vacuum can, as the impact you swing it with is much stronger then any suction from the vacuum could ever be.

It also ‘resets’ the pile through the vibration, reducing crush and making it look better visually.

Obviously, when it comes to cleaning fitted carpet, you don’t have much of a choice – it’s the vacuum.

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Although you may want to consider giving them a full steam clean every three months or so, to rejuvenate the pile and offer a deeper clean.

But for rugs you can roll up, it’s worth considering giving them an outside beating about once a month, especially if someone in your home has allergies.