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There’s no doubt, we’re living in the strangest of times

We face a health crisis of epic proportions and a near global lockdown, but we also know that there has never been a better time to take stock of all that is healthy, happy and positive in our lives.

And although the current goings on in South Africa and further afield can be a little frightening, we need now, more than ever, to stick together and to show the ones we love, how much we really appreciate them.

So while you may not be able to head out for date night, there are still tons of lit ideas to pull off within the confines of your home space to let off some steam, get in a little lovin’ and lighten the mood.

Orbit has got you during this time tough time, so check out the cool ideas below for top date ideas for lockdown love:

Get dressed up and cook something special

We might be stuck at home but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a date with our number one. So, why not cook a super special meal together, get in your glad rags and turn up and turn out for a sophisticated evening of love, laughter, food and fun? After all, who needs to go out when you can you fine dine looking sensational in your own home?

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Make it a theme night

Choose a theme and centre everything you do on the theme. For example, if you pick a Mexican theme, get crafty with Mexican fiesta decorations, make authentic Mexican tacos, drink tequila and watch How to be a Latin Lover on Netflix. There are so many options. Go Italian with pasta, tiramisu and Italian opera or revisit 1950s America for burgers, shakes and a golden oldie like Grease.

Have a home picnic

If it’s warm enough, head out into your garden and have a picnic. If it is a bit too chilly, spread a quilt out on your floor, make some top-notch tasty sandwiches, and enjoy indoor date vibes with a difference.

Create a spa night

To really unwind and pamper yourselves, create a spa night at home. You can be as ambitious as you want and can include facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and a bubble bath or steamy shower.

Make it extra special with spa food like strawberries, chocolates, cucumber or fruit-infused water. Light some candles, lay out fresh towels, play some relaxing spa music and chill out!

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Take YouTube dance lessons

Just because you’re on lockdown, does not mean you can’t get your jive on. YouTube is full of videos on how to do just about any kind of dancing. Bring up a video and have fun learning some new routines and dance moves with your lover.

Have a game night

Put your phones down for a night and gather out all the board and card games you can find. If you want to amp up the ante, why not bet household chores or favours for each game? Make a range of finger foods and enjoy a little healthy competition. Just remember, no sore losers allowed.

Watch a concert at home

Find a recording of a concert of a favourite artist you both love and create the experience of seeing them “live” without the crowds or dodgy sound from the comfort of your own home. Dance, sing and hold hands along to your hearts’ desire! Who says lockdowns can’t be fun?

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Do some body painting

Release your inner van Gogh and do a little painting together. Turn the heat up and use each other as canvases. You can either purchase some body paint that glows in the dark (very cool) or you can make some of your own that’s edible. Yum!

Those are our top ideas. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination…

Remember to make sure you are feeling fresh and smelling good with Orbit Chewing Gum – after all this is your time to shine. Have the best date night eva from us here at Orbit. Stay healthy and enjoy the lockdown love!

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