We’ve all swooned over Blake Lively’s hair at one time of another, so it only makes sense to turn to her for some hair tips, right?

We hate to admit it, but there are few things we envy more in this world than Blake Lively’s hair, and if you’re a fan of hers or watched her locks bounce across your TV screen in shows like Gossip Girl or movies like A Simple Favor, we’re pretty sure you feel the same.

Her mermaid-like long blonde locks are the kind most of us could only ever dream of possessing, but we figured that, rather than just sitting here pining over them, we could figure out what it is she does to keep her hair in such tip-top condition.

And while we are sadly very aware that simply following her hair tips won’t automatically give us her long, thick, luscious mane, at least we know we’re doing everything we can to try and achieve it…

Go for frequent trims

The secret to maintaining healthy long hair is to trim it regularly, and Blake’s stylists recommends every six to seven weeks. This may sound a lot, but it’s to prevent your hair from becoming brittle and damaged, and just puts the shape and bounce back in your hair.

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Blake has been known to often keep her own split ends at bay by braiding her hair and trimming the edges of any hairs that stick out, so you could also give that a try.

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Use coconut oil

We’ve often spoken about the benefits of coconut oil as a beauty product, and using it on your hair is a must-do. Just ask Blake, who regularly uses it on the ends of her hair in order to stop them drying out when shampooing.

Growing up, she would use mayonnaise – as advised by her mother – proving that the pantry really is just another beauty cupboard.

Make a ballerina bun

Want to know how she gets her every day, easy-going waves? While her hair is still damp, she twists it up into a ballerina bun and waits until it dries. This way, her waves look natural and undone, and she has less frizz… brilliant!

Change up your shampoo

Just like you should change your foundation and moisturiser with the seasons, you should change your shampoo.

If you have dry, harsh winters, your hair needs more moisture, and if you spend your summer days in the sun, damage protection might be needed. You may also notice your hair being more flat than usual, so enlist a volumising shampoo if that’s the case – it does make a difference. 

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Use a hair mask

Naturally wavy hair is prone to frizz and being a bit ‘poofy’, and Blake has worked out that, at times, it’s better for her to use a hair mask that she doesn’t completely rinse out than conditioner.

This is because the hair mask is more moisturising and nourishing, which will help keep frizz at bay.