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Last updated on Mar 26th, 2020 at 09:27 am

For all the latest news about the coronavirus, click here.

Kendall Jenner has hit out at claims she isn’t taking being in quarantine seriously

The 24-year-old model took to Twitter in a bid to stop her followers asking why she was out of the house in her car starting up the engine of her motor during the coronavirus pandemic, when Los Angeles is in lockdown.

One user, a fan account, shared a screenshot of Kendall’s Instagram Story snap of herself sat in her classic red car, which she captioned, “Just had to start her up”, and pleaded with her: “UHMMM NO, Stay Home.

@KendallJenner (sic)”

Another replied to the fan account to defend Kendall, writing: “No she just turn the car one ! (sic)”

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To which they replied: “oh okay HAHAHA i thought shes goingg to roam around Face with tears of joy sorry (sic)”

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star then explained that she was staying at home and taking the measures “very seriously”, but reminded everyone that it’s “not a bad idea” to get some “fresh air” whilst still keeping a “safe distance”

She explained: “of course i’m staying home!! taking this quarantine v seriously… but also not a bad idea to get some fresh air as long as you keep a safe distance from others and follow all guidelines 🙂 everyone stay healthy (sic)”

Meanwhile, Kendall’s sister Kylie Jenner has admitted she “loves” being at home during the pandemic.

The siblings’ parent Caitlyn Jenner has been keeping in touch with the 22-year-old beauty via FaceTime every day since California was put into lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19 and thinks she’s actually enjoying being confined to her mansion because she can spend every minute of every day with her two-year-old daughter Stormi.

Caitlyn, 70, said: “I think Kylie’s happy because she’s at home and spending a lot of time with Stormi and she loves that.”

While Kylie, 22, has Stormi – whom she has with her ex-partner Travis Scott – to keep her company, Kendall, 24, is in Palm Springs with some of her friends

Caitlyn explained: “Kendall has a couple of friends out in Palm Springs. Everyone’s kind of coping with it.

“We just have to realise that the health of our country is much more important, and suck it up business-wise. And when things stop and things go back to normal at some point, we’ll fire back up again. Right now, everyone’s just laying low.

“Kylie is a homebody. Kendall likes getting out, but [Kylie] loves being at home. She likes cooking, loves being with little Stormi. And she’s doing just fine.”

Author: BANG Showbiz