For some of us, being a grown-up doesn’t mean having clear skin (which sucks!), but there most certainly are ways of combatting dreaded adult acne…

Remember those days when you were a kid and you looked at adults, yearning for the ‘freedom’ that you would one day have? Little did you know then that, as an adult, you’d be dealing with things like deciding what to make for dinner every single night of the week, paying insurance… and fighting off acne.

Yes, adult acne is a real thing, and it sadly affects more of us than we’d like to admit. So, while our teenage dreams of finally having clear skin in our adult lives were rudely shattered, all hope is not lost, you just need to know why you get it in order to understand how to control it…

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut reason as to why we keep on getting acne into our adult years, and while there are a few guilty parties involved here, there are a few regular guilty parties… 

  • Hormones: you’ll probably notice that your break-outs are closely linked to your cycle, and that’s all to do with those pesky hormones which ultimately increase overall oil production in the skin, meaning that your pores will be clogging up at an all-time high. 
  • Food: We’ve often spoken about how linked the skin is to the food you eat – it can affect your complexion, add to that dull look and cause acne. The guilty foods vary from person to person, but it is most often foods with a high glycemic index that affect your skin since they trigger your hormones. Awesome!
  • Products: As we get older, many of us want to take better care of our skin (read: prolong the onset of wrinkles and fine lines!), and so we invest more into the products we use. This is most certainly a good thing, but only when you use the correct products for your skin type, since the wrong ones that are simply for ‘ageing’ may be too rich for your skin, and do the opposite to what you want.
  • Stress: Unfortunately, this is a pretty inevitable one, but stress is a killer when it comes to the body, and the skin is no different. Stress wreaks havoc with your hormones, and as stated above, the influence these have on your skin is super noticeable. 

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Right, so how do I get rid of my adult acne?

  • First and foremost, visit your dermatologist, as there are certain medications that you can take or creams to use if your case of adult acne is severe enough. You will then also know exactly which products to avoid using on your skin which could be adding to the problem.
  • Use the correct products for your skin type, as products that are too rich or too moisturising for you could be clogging those pores, making the acne worse.
  • Watch your diet and chill out! If you’re concerned, try cutting back on dairy or products that may contain hormones in them and see if you notice a difference. You’re also going to need to keep calm and breathe – easier said than done with a face full of pimples, we know, but you’re only making the problem worse!