If you thought floors didn’t matter, think again! These floors we found on Instagram are ridiculously beautiful.

We wouldn’t mind our guests staring at these floors throughout their visits

Floors take up more space in your home than you think. Taking care of your floors is a great foundation for your home decor  and can bring all the elements of your rooms beautiful,

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High gloss pine

We’ve seen pine wood floors before and you wouldn’t think there is anything special about ordinary old pine until you see it all glossed up.

We couldn’t have imagined how much of a difference a gloss overcoat could make until we saw these floors. This is a great way to class up your current wood floors. It works fantastically with classic, old school floors and modernises them without taking away their classic charm.

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A whole galaxy on the floor

Epoxy has opened up a whole new world of creative home decorating and this floor is nothing short of unworldly.

It may seem garish and over the top for the ordinary Joe, but with minimalist décor in monochrome it could definitely work.

A more traditional application of the Epoxy is a marble effect. We’ve seen so many videos of people doing DIY countertops this way, but we’re still taken aback by this marble-like epoxy floor.

Grow a carpet

Lush doesn’t begin to describe this carpet. It’s like really thick blades of soft faux grass and belongs right on our bedside floor. Although it isn’t a removable rug the best application of this type of flooring is in small sections. Waking up to this under your feet looks like a good idea even though we aren’t up for the job of keeping this type of flooring clean and dust-free.

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The most natural-looking faux wood floors ever

Even real wood floors are often fitted to perfection. With trends towards keeping things as ‘nature intended’ this faux wood floor that’s actually tiled is a definite winner.

We love the cracks and nodes that make it look like the floor was roughly chopped from the nearest forest and installed in a home rather than made in a factory which it actually was.

Matching mixed match tiles

We have been in love with the mismatched tiles for a while now, but tiles that are the exact same colour in different patterns bring a whole new element to the trend. We love that these tiles match but don’t and even the ones that look to be the same pattern at first glance have slight differences.

It’s the kind of shabby chic we like to see.