There are very few things as annoying as spending a day in wet shoes

Whether you’ve had to run through unexpected rain or stepped into a puddle you just didn’t know was there, life is so much easier when you can wipe your shoes clean as if nothing ever happened.

This is why we absolutely love weather-friendly shoes that are practically waterproof. Here are our favourite options.

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Leather and pleather over suede

We love the classic look of suede and faux suede shoes, but leather and pleather are by far our favourites in unpredictable weather.

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Aside from being hardy and easy to clean, these shoes are generally also warmer and less porous.

We love being able to wipe our shoes clean without compromising on style.

waterproof hoes

Puss in boots had it right

Boots are definitely high on our wish list especially at this time of the year. Boots are generally more expensive than your average pair of shoes and when you’re looking to make a big purchase it’s always good to get as much as possible for your money.

Plastic Wellington type boots are great for rainy weather but not much else.

The classic style and shape of riding boots are perfect for both formal and casual outfits; they are also the perfect length. Riding style boots make it to the top of our list.

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 We are still sneaker people

Sneakers are usually not ideal in bad weather. Apart from being terrible to wear when they’re wet, there’s still the labour intensive task of cleaning them after they survive the mud and rain.

Thank goodness for platform sneakers. With a higher base, your feet are further from the water and less likely to get wet. Making sure your shoes are made of pleather or leather and have a rubber platform also means you can wipe them clean and don’t have to worry about water seeping in.

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