Are you following a weight-loss plan diligently but are still not losing weight?

If you are following a weight-loss plan diligently but are still not losing weight, it is very important to consult your doctor. There could be several reasons as to why you are not losing weight. Here are two possibilities that you can discuss with your doctor.

Have your hormones checked

A hormonal imbalance is a common reason as to why many women gain weight. Your doctor can have these levels checked so be sure to chat to him about it instead of stressing yourself out.

Are you taking any medication?

If you are taking medications for other conditions, ask your doctor if any possible side effects include weight gain. If weight gain is a side effect, chat to him or her about alternative medications that could be prescribed if possible.

Your doctor may also suggest other reasons why you may be experiencing difficulty in losing weight. Be honest with him so that he can make a more accurate diagnosis. Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Remember we all have food cheat days or days when we feel too tired or lazy to engage in a workout. It’s jumping back onto the bandwagon that counts! You can do it!

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