Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 02:00 pm

Last night’s rose ceremony was a shock because Marc had said to Daniella she was safe. But by the end of the rose ceremony, Daniella had to say goodbye. Here’s what Daniella Thibault (25) had to say about her time on The Bachelor SA Season 2.


What is the best/difficult thing about living in The Bachelor house?

I loved not having access to technology. I love that this allows us to be completely present in the moment. I love that we are able to truly get to know each other (the girls and Marc) with no distractions.

How has The Bachelor changed your life?

I truly became 100 per cent comfortable in who I am and what I look like being on the show. It fell in love with being on the show and I was forced to love me and I haven’t stopped since.

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What did your friends and family have to say when they found out you were going to be on The Bachelor?

They are all so happy for me and truly believe I am going to win Marc’s heart. Most importantly they are proud of me for exposing myself in such a raw way. They know it takes guts to be vulnerable and open to not just Marc but to South Africa too.

Did you watch the first season of The Bachelor? If so, what was your favourite moment and who were you rooting for?

Yes! The Bachelor season 1 is the reason I applied. I just remember my heart melting with every episode. The dates were just so romantic! I wanted to experience the romance these women experienced. I was definitely rooting for Michelle R and every date she went on was a replica of the dates I would’ve loved so all her dates were memorable for me.

Last night we saw Gina and Jozaan tweeting! 

What is your secret to staying camera-ready throughout the show?

This is such a hard question to answer because you truly forget that the cameras are there.  However, I feel the best way to keep feeling confident in a mansion full of woman wanting one man is: working out, eating a healthy breakfast and keeping your skin moisturised. The more you feel confident with your body the more it will show to the people around you.

So far, who is your biggest competitor?

Have you seen the woman I’m in the house with? Absolutely every woman is my competition. I still am trying to figure out how so many amazing, independent and beautiful woman are all single!

What kind of relationship do you think you would have with Marc, if he chooses you?

If he chooses me, we would have a relationship full of spontaneous drives to the gym. I’m kidding. Definitely, a relationship full of adventure. He seems like a guy that loves excitement.

Here’s what Daniella had to say after the rose ceremony