Thanks to COVID-19, you’re stuck at home, but you can use the time to make your home better…

  • Go from room to room and declutter – It’s amazing how much more spacious your home will feel once you have managed to get rid of a few things (although you’ll probably need to store the clutter until your local charity shop is open again).
  • Sort out junk drawers – If you have a messy drawer or four that you just never get time to sort, now you have no excuses.
  • Start a composting system or heap – Put food waste to good use and make your own compost for your garden.
  • Plant vegetables – If you have vegetable seeds, plant them. You could also try planting seeds from fresh produce – like butternut or tomato seeds. Treat it like an experiment and if it works, you’ll be less reliant on going to the grocery store.