Whether you’re self-isolating, or just trying to stay away from crowds, we’ve put together some of our favourite recipes that you can make with the staples that are in your grocery cupboard…

Being cooped up at home doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun in the kitchen. Use this time to rope the kids in, teach them some cooking techniques, and turn meal times into a fun activity that can help keep the ‘coronavirus blues’ at bay.

We’ve put together some easy, accessible recipes that can be made with grocery-cupboard staples:


We love this omega-packed potato and pilchard fishcake bites recipe for a lunch time snack, or make them a little larger for a healthy family dinner!

Omega Packed Potato and Pilchard Fishcake Bites recipe

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Easy and budget friendly recipe for baked eggs served with chilli pilchards

Baked Breakfast Eggs with Spicy Pilchards recipe


A super simple, super easy recipe for Pasta Pie – 3 ingredients and a mug…And you’re sorted!

Pasta Pie in a Mug recipe


Quick and simple dinner recipe for cheesy Beef Pasta Casserole

Beef Pasta Casserole recipe



Recipe for roasted spicy sweet potato wedges with paprika and chilli flakes served with a creamy yoghurt mushroom sauce

Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges recipe


Recipe for Baked Lemon and Garlic Roast Potatoes topped with feta, salad, eggs and a balsamic dressing

Greek Lemon & Garlic Roast Potatoes recipe


Recipe for a delicious and comforting vegan tray bake – Potato and Cauliflower Curry!


Potato and Cauliflower Curry Tray Bake recipe


Lovely South African recipe for Mieliepap Pot with a cheesy mayonnaise topping

Mieliepap Pot with a Creamy Mayonnaise Topping recipe


Recipe for Paptert – otherwise known as porridge pie – a South African tart filled with veggies, bacon and cheese.

Paptert recipe


Starter recipe for Pap and Wors Bites – a budget friendly snack

Posh Pap and Wors Bites recipe


And if you really want to get creative, watch this video:

WATCH: How to make exotic vegetable tacos at home