To keep safe from germs, you reach for the disinfectant, right? Wrong!

While many people think simply wiping a disinfectant wipe over a surface is enough to keep things germ-free, it’s not how you clean a surface properly. Here’s what you need to know:

Properly sanitizing a surface is a three-step process

A half-hearted wipe is not enough to do the job, and will actually do more harm than good.

  • Instead, you need to start by cleaning the surface properly. For porous surfaces like fabric, make sure you use something which penetrates the surface. Wipe it up and rinse if needed.
  • Then only will you apply your disinfectant of choice. Apply using the recommended steps and time- most home-safe disinfectants need at least a few minutes to get the job done.
  • For most surfaces, you will then rinse or wipe away the disinfectant residue too, avoiding damage to the underlying surface and preventing scum or buildup.

It’s key not to skip the cleaning step when you’re trying to stay safe from germs

A simple, quick wipe isn’t enough to safely sanitize the surface, and may actually spread germs it doesn’t kill.

Remember, if you have to skip a step, skip the disinfectant, NOT the clean.

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A good clean with soap (or appropriate cleaner) and water is the single biggest thing you can do to stay hygenic at all times.

The disinfectant is there to add peace of mind, not replace good hygiene.