For all the latest news about the coronavirus, click here.

For all the latest news about the coronavirus, click here.

Lerato Sengadi has detailed the gruelling experience of having to undergo a coronavirus test this week

This after the PR exec – whose partner was the late SA muso HHP – returned from a trip abroad.

Lerato took to Twitter to reveal how she suspected she had contracted the virus after developing flu-like symptoms.

Although she tried to call a health hotline which advises patients not to go to doctors rooms or hospitals to get tested (to prevent the spread of the virus), Lerato was instructed to indeed go to her local GP to get a referral letter.

She tweeted; “I wanted to do the responsible thing and get checked… I called twice and both times the consultants said I should go to the doctor and self quarantine. Which is obviously contradictory to the message circulating.”

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After visiting her doctor and self-quarantining, a frustrated Lerato then learnt that she had to cough up R1 500 for the test to be administered.

She added, “It’s R1 500 for the test. But 1st u must visit the dr so u can get a referral letter cos without u won’t get tested. Medical aid will only refund if ur positiveI basically need R2K! It’s a f****** s*** show!

She was then given over-the-counter meds and basically told to hope for the best!

“During quarantine u should just Netflix, eat, chill and mind your own business…,” she concluded.