Steve Harvey has made no secret of the fact that he loves Africa, but the American talk show host might want to get his African terminology right.

The Family Feud host took to Twitter this week to share a video from one of his stand-up shows. 

Steve jokes about Africa being scarier than America’s projects, which are sometimes referred to as the “hood” or the “ghetto”. 

“I took a trip to Africa a few years back and trust me, those jungles are scarier than anything I saw in the hood,” he captioned the since deleted post. 

As if the caption wasn’t bad enough, the clip further irked Twitter users

“I went over there last summer… no no, it’s way too hot in Africa. The summer be just leaning on your a**. I ain’t going over there!,” Steve says in the video.

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The comedian added that he is from the ghetto and grew up with rules of the streets and the ghetto.  He said that he used the same rules to survive in Hollywood.

“You can’t use those rules in Africa. They’ve got some sh*t happening that you ain’t ready for. They’ve got some noises in Africa that your a** just ain’t familiar with.  See, I’m from the ghetto and when I hear a barking sound, I know, oh that’s a dog. I know about how far away that dog is, I know if my a** need to be on the move, I know if I need to get up on your car.”

Steve then went on to describe “noises from the jungle” that did not sound familiar to him. 



South Africans are less than impressed with the 63-year-old’s comment about Africa’s jungles.

“Which Africa is that?” one Twitter user asked.

Another tweep added: “It’s strange that the joke and sarcasm about Africa is coming from an African American.”

Some Twitter users took offence at the fact that Steve was referring to Africa like it was one country

“The shocking bit is the belief that Africa is a country! Trust me he has not travelled the 53 independent countries with spectacular fauna and flora to come to that conclusion!”

Another Twitter user wrote: “You are perpetuating the worst kind of ignorance, that Africa is all jungle and Tarzans? Is that all you think of Africa? Comedy has got more than just the power to make people laugh, it can inspire and it can reduce ignorance.”

Steve’s throwback clip is from a stand-up show he did in 1995. He has since visited several parts of Africa and has nothing but praise for the continent.

Steve announced in 2019 that he will be bringing his hit game show, Family Feud, to South Africa and Ghana.

The show is set to make its debut in SA in April.