Here are seven home décor trends for 2020 that you could try if you want to refresh your home…

“While some styles and trends have changed, interior design styles do not become outdated as fast as catwalk fashion, but rather evolve and become enduring favourites that will last for years to come,” says Stacey Nel, marketing manager Volpes.

Here are some of her impressions on decor trends for 2020:

1.  Blue is the new grey

Cool and calm, blue has replaced grey as a  preferred core trend colour and the Pantone Colour of 2020 is Classic Blue as their colour.

But don’t fret if you have a lot of grey pieces in your home – grey has evolved from a trend colour to a classic neutral that co-ordinates across a wide range of combinations and styles.  It can also be easily combined with vibrant colours including bright blue.

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2.Tranquil hues

Tranquil hues create a relaxing space that is light, airy and calming, allowing us to relax after a hectic day.

White and shades of beige are a natural choice for this style. Go monotone or mix them together with textures and tones to create interest.

3. Old and new

Create a unique look and stretch your budget by layering old and new, like an heirloom quilt with modern Egyptian cotton sheets.

The key to incorporating inherited pieces, second-hand vintage pieces with modern basics is to stick to a neutral base colour and avoid clutter.

4. Staying in is the new going out

There has been a shift towards stay in versus going out and it’s being reflected in home decor. You can expect to see a more high-end restaurant and hotel influences in décor as rooms become multifunctional and not only serve both living and entertaining environments.

5. Animal prints

Animal print is a trend that has globally taken over runways and continues to prowl its way into home décor schemes. A style tip is to include this trend as an accent piece such as a scatter, throw or rug.

 6. Maximalism

There is a shift from the stark minimalism to maximalism with more flamboyant décor. This trend is to combine eclectic mixes of whimsical patterns, textures and vivid colours.

 7. Velvet

The love affair with velvet continues into 2020.  Sumptuous headboards and sofas are the most coveted way to bring this ultimate luxurious fabric into your home.  However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add this trend, think smaller furniture pieces like poufs or stools, scatters or a luxurious velvet throw.

Here to stay in 2020

According to Nel, these recent decor trends are till hits this year…

  • Grey is a décor staple available in a wide choice from dove to charcoal and granite
  • Florals in all styles, shapes and sizes from gentle scatters to bold modern illustrative designs
    All things natural, like wood, wicker, rattan, cotton
  • Texture – layering different  textures is still a key look in monotone colour pallets